• Connects you to the Heart:
Being connected to the Heart is very important. Only by being connected to your Heart can you start the real spiritual journey, as the real spiritual journey is about the journey of your True Self within your Heart. Being in the Heart is also very important for being able to receive the blessing from the True Source and for reaching higher understanding and realizations, as the brain is limited. Only the Inner Heart knows the truth.


• Connects you to Divine energy better:
Reiki Tummo attunements give you a better connection to Divine energy, which is very special. The more you learn, the more you will know that Divine energy is part of Divine Love, the purest and most beautiful energy of all. As you are connected to and able to receive the Divine energy, which is the blessing from the Divine Source, you can receive many benefits at a physical and energetic level, for your health, your relationships and other matters of the spirit.


• Connects you to the earth's core energy:
Every level of attunement of Reiki Tummo improves your connection to the Earth's core energy. Being connected to earth's core energy will keep you grounded and help maintain balance in your daily life, while many beautiful changes take place. In addition, connection to the earth's core energy will help the flow of your Kundalini energy because the earth's core energy is actually the source of Tummo energy.


• Removes all of the knots of your chakras in your sushumna:
Every major chakra that is located along the sushumna has knots in the sushumna channel. The knots block the energy flow along the sushumna and also limit the energy flow between the sushumna and the chakras. As the knots are removed, there are less blockages within your sushumna and the energy can flow easily between your sushumna and the major chakras. The latter is very important for the cleansing and development of your chakras. It is also crucial for your spiritual growth. If you are familiar with conventional techniques for cleansing chakras and the sushumna, you may know that removing the knots of a chakra may require many years of dedicated practice. These knots need to be removed in sequence, one by one, so traditionally, the cleansing could take decades. In Reiki Tummo, the whole process is very quick and smooth.



• Opens the whole sushumna:
From the level 1 attunement, Reiki Tummo opens the whole sushumna thoroughly. As the whole sushumna opens, energy flows easily along your sushumna. Both the Universal energy and the Kundalini energy can flow on and through all of your chakras, body layers and energy channels, to do simultaneous cleansing.


• Prepares and awakens your Kundalini instantly and safely:
Reiki Tummo attunement level 1 consists of the necessary preparation for your Kundalini awakening, even if you have not done any energy work in the past. When you receive the level 2 attunement, your Kundalini is awakened instantly and safely. This is something that normally takes many years of dedicated practice to achieve.


• Cleanse all your body systems thoroughly and automatically:
Reiki traditions traditionally give cleansing benefits for their practitioners for the higher chakras.  After the Level 2 attunement, Reiki Tummmo cleanses its practitioners from both directions thoroughly and automatically, from the crown chakra with the Reiki energy and from the base chakra with the Kundalini energy. This gives the practitioner a fast and comprehensive cleansing processes that helps with the opening of the spiritual heart.


• Benefits of Reiki Tummo
Reiki Tummo places a special emphasis on opening and using the Heart and the Inner Heart, which leads one to a deeper  place of knowing and being.  Through a series of carefully arranged steps and courses, Reiki Tummo lays the foundations to support your continuing spiritual growth so that you can develop a connection with the deeper parts of your consciousness that are not bound by physical limitations, and ultimately the foundation, by which to experience enlightenment or union with the Divine.