Reiki Tummo Attunements

Spiritually speaking, prior to this life, we have experienced many past lives. In every life we created different kinds of negativities, including negative karma and trauma in our soul and energy body. The fact that we are still here simply means we still have negativities within us that require cleansing in order for our heart to be able to open completely to the Divine Source. Even at birth we already have negativities and blockages within our energy channels and chakras. As we grow older, we accumulate more negativities and blockages as a result of the negative emotions and experiences from this life. So prior to doing any energy work or receiving an attunement to cleanse and open our chakras and energy channels, most of our chakras and energy channels are still closed.

In Reiki Tummo,  you will receive something called an “attunement”, a process in which the following benefits are received. Your crown chakra is openened to be able to receive the Divine Reiki energy and your palm chakras are activated to be able to channel energy to yourself and others. The sushumna channel is opened from the crown to the base chakra and the chakra knots released so that the energy can flow freely and provide a comprehensive cleansing. The heart chakra is opened bigger, so that you feel more connected to the Divine energy and are able to feel the Divine blessing directly in your heart. You will be connected to the earth's core energy and the kundalini energy will be safely awakened in the Level 2 attunement.





In the two Kirlian photos below, you can clearly see the differences of a persons fingertips before and after the attunement. The energy around the person's fingertips after he has received the first degree attunement becomes thicker and improves in quality. This increase in the vital energy, will translate into much better and vital health for the practitioner.


   Before attunement

     After attunement