The first three levels of Reiki Tummo Workshops are each individual one day workshops, involving theory, an attunement, practice and discussion. All the workshops teach very simple and powerful techniques, experientail in nature and independent of any structured belief system. In addition to the three levels of Reiki Tummo Workshops, there is a Meditation Workshop and a Kundalini Workshop which are both half day workshops, usually held on the same day.



Reiki Tummo Level 1


The level 1 attunement provides the instant capability to channel Reiki healing energy, with a connection being made to the Divine Energy and the earth's core energy, which is a preparation for the Kundalini awakening which happens in the Level 2 attunement. In the workshop you will be guided into a deeper understanding of the Spiritual Heart and you will learn to be able to use the Reiki Tummo energy for healing, for yourself and for others. You will learn many techniques in practical exercises that you will be able to use in both group and private settings.




Reiki Tummo Level 2  


In the level 2 workshop, your kundalini is safely and instantly awakened so that the kundalini fire reaches at least to the navel chakra. All the major chakra knots are broken through with the Reiki energy covering the kundalini fire to prevent excessive heat. In this workshop you will learn a kundalini meditation and be guided through many other exercises to help speed up the cleansing process and connect you more deeply to your heart and the Divine. Many beautiful changes are experienced by those who experience the deepening which occurs in this level 2 workshop, which can be attended directly after the level 1 workshop is completed. 


Reiki Tummo Level 3a  


In the level 3a workshop the previous attunements are enhanced, and the throat, navel, sacral and base chakras are opened. The kundalini fire now reaches to at least the heart chakra and a special attunement is given to be able to channel Shing Chi energy, which is of a higher vibration and connected to your 8th chakra, the first of the Divine chakras above your crown. In this workshop you will learn and experience how the Divine energy transcends all limitations, and apply this learning into very practical excercises and steps which can be included into your daily routine. To attend this workshop, there needs to be a three week space in between this workshop and the date when the level 2 workshop was completed.

Meditation Workshop 


In the meditation workshop you will learn about the deeper goal of meditation while experiencing all the benefits associated with this meditation, including feelings of peace, calmness, connectedness and well being. There will be a pineal gland activation to release melatonin and endorphines. You will be guided to become sensitive to feeling the body layers and allow the Divine blessing to cleanse them and you will learn a beautiful meditation to become an instrument of the Divine Source. Level 2 Reiki needs to be completed to be elligible to attend this workshop.


Kundalini Workshop 


In the kundalini Workshop you will be taught many techniques so that you can learn how to accelerate the cleansing and purifying process performed by the kundalini energy, including an exercise to move the core of the kundalini to the higher chakras. Many benefits are experienced from this workshop, including the widening of the sushumna channel which helps increase the flow of the kundalini energy and additional cleansing of the body layers and the aura. Level 2 Reiki needs to be completed to be elligible to attend this workshop.